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The Rim Country Camera Club welcomes all photography enthusiasts at its gatherings. Join the club for additional educational and fun opportunities.

Meetings & Speakers


328 N McLane Road -large meeting room

5:00pm to 7:00 pm

April 19, 2023 - Astrophotography: The Black Hole of Astronomy

May 17, 2023 - Post Processing Your Wildlife Photos, Kathleen Reeder





ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY: The Black Hole of Astronomy

April 17, 2023

5:00-7:00 pm

Payson Public Library Large Meeting Room

Refreshment and Social - 5:00 pm

Member Share - 5:15 pm

Educational Program - 5:45 pm

Member Share Time -Paul Serfling - Bryce Thompson Arboretum Meetup 

ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY: The Black Hole of Astronomy -  Presented by Lou Jackson.

Have you ever gazed at the night sky and wondered what’s out there beyond our eye’s ability to see? Have you tried capturing that dark sky with your camera?

Our April speaker, club member Lou Jackson, has been a card-carrying member of the San Diego Astronomy Association for over 20 years, and his primary interest is in visual and EAA astronomy outreach. He will introduce us to the vastness of the universe as it relates to photography by touching on Star Trails, Motorized Tracking, Guided Tracking, DSLRs vs Dedicated Astro Cameras, Post-Processing of Astro Images. A slideshow of select amateur Astro-images will be included as well.

Lou’s interest in the night sky was sparked by a 6” reflecting telescope gifted by his parents in the early ‘60s, and his interest in the night sky was further piqued and reinforced by the Ikeya-Seki comet in 1965. After college, life intervened until Lou returned to the States in the late ‘90s, and his interest was re-ignited after the Hale-Bopp comet appeared in 1997. He acquired a Celestron 8” SCT telescope in 1998, and his obsession with all things astro exploded from that time. “Much to my wife’s consternation, I moved from San Diego CA to Payson in 2021 and brought with me a room full of telescopes, cameras, and miscellaneous astro-related paraphernalia; including a 12”, and an 18” reflecting telescopes – and I am currently rebuilding a 24” telescope. However, now that I am semi-retired, I am working at honing and improving my astrophotography skills – if the weather ever cooperates!”

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